Our Supply Chain Capabilities

Project management is one of the most complex undertakings in the injection moulding business. R&A Plastics keeps up and overcomes challenges through managerial oversight and discipline. We have a experienced procurement team to ensure that the supply chain is well managed.

Working together with the production teams, our procurement team also focuses on the organization of the supply chain. We have achieved immense success in our supply chain processes through efficient planning and implementation of different activities. These include procurement, material sourcing, conversion, and product delivery.

R&A Plastics is consistently improving its processes to ensure that client receives their products in the shortest time possible. Here are the different ways we promote an efficient supply chain process:

Customer relationship management

Without the customer, there is no supply chain; therefore, we have to maintain an excellent relationship with our clients.  Our customer service approach involves sharing real-time information, production scheduling, and product availability with our clients.

Procurement process

We have carefully developed operating procedures to help us in selecting, qualify, and maintain our suppliers. Before a supplier of raw materials and machinery is onboarded, we take them through a qualification process. This checks into their capabilities, history, corrective actions, and process documentation. With a guarantee that we can always get the required materials when we need them, our supply chain process can never be negatively affected.

Production process

Any efficient supply chain ensures that the production process is a seamless one, always availing the products on time with uncompromised quality.  We have production policies with quality control mechanisms in place to ensure the produced products meet the client’s requirements as well as global quality standards.

To ensure that our manufacturing process produces the right product, we closely work with the clients during the design phase to ensure manufacturability, quality, and design continuity are maintained.

Production flow management

As a top injection moulding company, we have advanced mechanisms for tracking the progress of order execution. We can track a customer’s order right from the moment we receive it, to the minute we dispatch the products. This helps us monitor any changes in the production flow process, which subsequently helps us to improve our responsiveness in satisfying our client’s needs.

Physical product distribution

Getting the finished product to your facility on time is our top priority. Before loading the products for shipment, we carry out product quality inspection and prepare a report for the deliverables. These reports are handed over to our clients together with the product shipment to assure them that adequate quality management protocols were followed. We have a fleet of delivery vehicles to handle the physical distribution of products to the required destinations for further processing. With a team of highly experienced personnel, we ensure that schedule of deliveries are met.

Manufacturing and Supply chain performance measurement

Lastly, we do a supply chain and manufacturing performance rating to gauge how effective it is. This way, we are able to identify bottlenecks and develop efficient solutions. Since we already have performance improvement metrics, our procurement team can easily project what needs to be achieved and improved.

R&A Plastics provides an integrated one-stop source solution to clients for all their injection moulded components. We achieve this through an efficiently designed supply chain management that is constantly being reviewed and improved. We provide satisfactory customer service, source the right raw materials, and design, guide, and support clients through their product development processes.

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